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newbie needs help


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Depends on which package you are interested in. The Quintet package can be driven with a relatively inexpensive HT receiver.

However, if you crave accurate reproduction of movie soundtracks and music, and are interested in the RFII package, you can look at higher quality receivers, or go wild and look at separate components.


Mike - Livonia, MI

Klipsch RF-3 L/R

Klipsch RC-3 Center

Klipsch RB-5 rears

HSU Research VF-2 Sub

Marantz SR-19EX receiver

Marantz MM-9000 Amp


Adcom GCD 700 CD

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I have the Denon 2802 and it will push my speakers. I am getting the RF-3II's soon and I bought this receiver so I wouldn't have to upgrade in the future. Also acoustic sound design is a good company to buy from. Looks like you did your research. You will have a nice set up when your done and your be happy with it. Very smart buying all at once, saves lots of money, I wish I would have. Don't worry about the Denon, plenty of power and there are alot of Klipsch/Denon users on this forum who will agree.


I like my bass like I like my women, deep and tight.

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