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RF-5 with RC-3


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I have performed a search concerning the use of the RC-3 with RF-5's to determine if the two will work well together (voiced matched?). From all previous posts, I did not see a clear opinion. What are your thoughts? Is the RC-7 a better match? It would be great to hear from someone at Klipsch.


Proposed System:





Yamaha RX-V2200

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max, i haven't heard the rc-3 w/ rf-5 (but do have 1 w/ rf-3 & have heard the rf-5 w/ rc-7), but klipsch's position & everything i've heard so far is that the rc-3 is a fine match to the rf-5. of course the rc-7 is a bigger & better speaker but not too much for the rf-5 (nor is the rc-3 2little.)


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Seb, Thanks for your comment. I am trying to make my speaker system a part of my living room as oppossed to to being the living room. That is why I have decided to go with the RF-5 (the RF-3's don't offer the cherry finish; and the RF-5 is smaller than the RF-7's). The RC-3 will fit on the shelf of my TV stand and the RC-7 will not, so it would go on the TV. The RC-7 does offer the cherry finish, but I would prefer to keep it on the stand. All that said, I don't want to get something that won't sound great together. Price is not really a problem. Speaking about price, I have been given the following quote from a storefront authorized dealer.

RF-5's = $1300

RC-3 = $280

RS-3 = $450

RSW 12 = $1200

Yamaha RX-V2200 = $870

TOTAL = $4100 (plus tax)

The store also offers a 1 year trade up policy on the speakers.

Is this considered a good/fair price?


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Max -

Read what Seb says - and believe it. Are you sure, I mean really sure, that you cannot accomodate the RC-7? The center channel really is the "anchor" position in a 5.1 home theater. In fact, if space were not an issue at all, the sonic choice would be another RF-5 - three identical mains across the front soundstage. One of our forum members (HornEd) built a custom KLF-30 and placed it atop his projection TV to match his KLF-30 mains, to get the three identical speakers across the front.

You may be better off sonically (again, ignoring space issues for a minute) with 2 RF-7's in phantom mode, where the center channel is mixed into the two main channels, instead of going small on the center channel. However, you expressed the fact that the RF-7's are too large for you - that being the case, the next best bet is with one of the RC models as a center.

The RC-7 is the better choice vs. the RC-3. If you intend to use the system for home theater/DVD viewing a fair percentage of the time (as opposed to 2 channel stereo use) it is best to go big on the center. Be creative in making it fit - it will pay dividends to your ears.

Both the RC-3 and RC-7 would "match" the RF-5's. The RC-7 is better suited for the added duty that the center channel gets in today's multichannel movie soundtracks.

Last point: With Klipsch, bigger really is better. This causes many well documented tales of Wife Appreciation Factor (WAF) difficulties when enthusiasts select gear, but it really is true, IMO. If one can make room for the beasts, the sonic rewards are wonderful.

I've seen a forum member on this board say "There's no replacement for displacement" True, True.cwm30.gif


First we Rock, then we Roll!

A Beast is Lurking.........To be unleashed May 2002

*** Alpha Testing Complete ***

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