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Recommended height for KS-7800 side speakers


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I am installing a 7.1 surround sound home theater. The room is nine feet high, but I have a soffit that goes around the side of the room and hangs down about 18 inches and sticks out from the wall about 24 inches. What is the recommended height for the side speakers? I have been told ear level standing up, but if I stand on the riser in the back of the room, ear level speaker placement puts the top of the speaker about 10 inches from the ceiling. Do I have to worry about sound echo off of the ceiling? Thank you for any input.

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Randy, for HT, I would think not. Side speakers are sometimes called "sound sprayers" due to the fact that theier drivers are mounted on seperate planes ala RS-7. The side effects channel receives info like the sounds of a croud, rain, applause etc., which you want coming from all over, so reflections from the ceiling may actually work to your advantage.


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I use my surrounds up near the ceiling and my front height speakers 2 ft. belotw the ceiling. My ceiling is10 ft high and the room is 20 x19. I like the effects due to better spatial imaging. Due to room constraints, I don't not worry about strictly adhering to recommended speaker guidelines. That what autocalibration is for.

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