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Quintet Help.


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Good Day,

We are in the middle of a huge downsizing at home. I need advice in which Quintet 5.1 version to acquire. I've heard good things about the lll's but not much on any of the other models. Anyone have any first hand knowledge or advice on another small speaker set-up? I prefer second hand equipment over new. I prefer the hunt!

Any and all information is appreciated. My receiver is a Marantz SR5002.



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I am in the process of upgrading my Quintet (II) 5.1 to the RF-II 52's because my room size has increased after finishing my basement. They are in great shape and i was very happy with the quality of them. The room setup they were used in was about 12x18 but the basement is about 20x40 with 9ft ceilings. They were OK but i was looking for a upgrade to fill in the new area. I had them paired with a kenwood receiver and a 10 or 12 inch klipsch sub and there were amazing. They are roughly 7-10 years old but have no damage to any of them and have been boxed for the last 2 years as the basement was in progress.

If interested i would be willing to sell my set and purchase my last 2 surround speakers. Not sure if your interested or what part of the world your in. I can post some pics and stuff if your interested.

Whats your room size?

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