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please!! need help setting up new home theater


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hi guys im not sure what to do with my new system. i just got a yamaya rxv-471 receiver and the fallowing klipsch speakers. two vf 35 towers, vb15 as surrounds, vc 25 center. i have no idea as to what to do or if theres anything i need to do to get the best sound out of them. i dont have a sub for now but will be getting it soon. they sound amazing but not sure if theres anything i need to change or adjust any settings.

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Since you don't have a sub you want to make sure to disable the sub in your receiver's setup menu. You want to run your front speakers as 'large' and set the crossovers for your other speakers to 80Hz, setting them to 'small'. If your receiver has any kind of automatic setup that uses a microphone to calibrate your speakers make sure to run it so that it will balance their output with each other and also measure the distance between your speakers and main listening position.

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Welcome to the forum!

This model comes with an easy setup manual. It discusses speaker placement and connection, as well as using the YPAO microphone for automatic configuration. I suggest you utilize that document as a start. The prior posts give good insite into what you should do, and there are plenty other things you can do to tweak the system. A powered subwoofer is a huge improvement to a HT system. Huge!

Today only, you can buy the RW-12d Reference sub for $349 with free shipping from Newegg. It is a $999 sub. Here is the link:


They have had this sale for the last three Sat-Sundays. They may run out, who knows. As far as I know it is the most subwoofer you can get for $350 in new condition.

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