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Dr Morbius

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Hi , I have an H.H. Scott 299C amp and was planning to get a pair of Corwalls for it. Due to my finding info on all speakers, I came across a speaker kit known as Cornscalas which are a cross between Cornwalls and LaScalas. Are these Cornscalas measureably better than Cornwalls and LaScalas and I assume my amp should be able to handle them? Thanks!


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It was Turkey week so everyone is out of town with family.

Moray is correct there is a lot of information on Cornscalas just use the search function.

Critesspeakers is a website that deals with upgrades and parts for Klipsch Heretige speakers this link is to their Cornscala page.


Do the search on this website and you will see there are many different versions of the Cornscala.


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Great question! Part of the fun of the Cornscalas project is that there is no set design cast in stone. Using your own resources, you can develop a personalized plan for creating your own design. To be sure, the stock Cornwall speaker is outstanding! The Cornscalas idea came about because of a desire to substitute what many consider to be an undersized mid-range horn with a more substantial horn more like the ones to be found in the LaScalas and K-Horns. For more background information on this modification the Crites Speakers web site would be a great place to start.

One of the first considerations in creating your own Cornscalas is deciding if you are going to keep the design within the framework of the Cornwall cabinet, or you may prefer to think outside the box (literally). You may prefer to acquire a nice midrange horn with the idea of placing it on top of the existing Cornwall box. This way you are not restricted in the type or size of midrange horn you choose. I went this way with my current Cornscalas set up. I had visited by phone with Greg Roberts at Volti Audio. Greg had a pair of his wooden V-Trac 260's already in a partial enclosure and suitable for placement on top of my Cornwalls. Greg had developed these horns for use in his K-Horn makeover projects. He is also using them in his own speaker development projects with great success.

I should also mention that Bob Crites has now perfected a system of speaker DIY kit building projects for the Cornscalas and even projects for the Heresy size speaker. You can order the wood (pre-drilled holes and all), plus all the necessary components and hardware directly from Bob. You even have your choice of several different speaker/component configurations. I just know that Bob's products are great sounding as well.

I wish you good luck with your Cornscalas project. By now you've probably accumulated this much information and then some. Keep us posted. I'm know that there are other websites besides the two mentioned above. Try to visit them all.


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Hello Dr Morbious. As you may or may not know, when it comes to redesigning any proven configuration of a loudspeaker.......becareful. Allow me to tell you my tale of crap. Last year, I bought all the ingredients for a Cornscala from Bob Crites. I decided I wanted a 'taller Cornscala'. I pulled the dimensions for width in, and applied them to the height. I wanted a speaker that was about 44 inches in height. In short, when I had it all together.........it so totally sucked that I decided to go back to the LaScala model for inspiration.

But one moment while I explain why! My feeling is that I took the 'bass bin' to a too radically modified shape, and/or I did not truly understand any port modification that may be needed for the height/width adjustments I made. There are so many variables that you may step across in a 'given' driver setup that you truly need to get all the research that possible that you can.

In the end, it is up to you. Anyone that has heard my voice on this forum knows that I am a very happy customer of Greg Roberts. I have his VoltiScala, or V1. I always preface myself with that. Bob Crites is invaluable for his many years in this Art/Science. I ask you to access them both in your answers. In the end, it is all up to you and the knowledge that you accumulate.

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