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Is SACD truly better than CD ???


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I guess it just depends on what you think multi-channel music should sound like. Personally I can't stand feeling like I'm in the middle of the band. It's weird and unnatural to me. I like the band to be together, on the stage, and in front of me...

I can dig if you listen to classical music but with Rock and Jazz it's nice being in the middle where the artist's head was at.... Insofar as concerts are concerned, the majority of the disks I listen to are mixed like you suggest and are on DVD with video to draw my focus forward towards the screen.

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Straight up.....as I alway say, with your suggestions.....Yeah....to Chesky.......fantastic SACDS..........I am finally heaing SACD the way I wanted it to be........yep, I love Jazz now, and I just ordered Classical from them. The Planets, I am so hoping it is well sounding as the jazz SACDs are, I am sure they will be. Thanks much all. And here is to Chesky, may they keep doing audio the way the best want it to be!!!!!

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