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Denon 3801 vs. 2802


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I was wondering what you guys though about this: due to certain circumstances, I can choose between a 3801 or a 2802 for the same price. Which one would you choose?

Prologic II seems to be the only difference between the xx01 and xx02 series, unless I'm mistaken. It would be nice to have, but up to now I'm thinking the additional power reserves of the 3801 vs. the 2802 would be a wiser choice, especially since the 3801 still has DTS Neo 6.

This will be used with the Ref 3 series.


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I've got a 3801 and I like it just fine. Don't have any experience with the 2802. We could get into a long discussion about the details of the receiver,which can be somewhat confusing, but the extra (7th) channel of amplification can be beneficial,esp for music.

Some may want to argue this point, but the sound of Denon receivers are more 'forward' to my ear than others I've owned. May be a consideration to those that consider some speakers more 'strident','forward',or 'bright'.

Overall, Denon receivers are pretty much on the cutting edge as far as price/performance goes, IMO.YMMV.

Good luck with your choice Seb.


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