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I got the cube for the center channel


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I picked up a Carver M 400 amp today for my center channel since I like multi-channel music First I tried running it as a monoblock but after auto-calibration, the center was at -12, way to hot for the system. So, I bi-amped the RC 64 vertically(fool's bi-amping) to get 200 watts RMS per channel. Wow, what a difference in DDPLIIZ music listening I have always liked DDPLIIZ for music. It was a little more laid back than stereo. Now the DDPLIIZ is more dynamic than stereo by a long shot. I have the two Yamaha amps on the front RF 7's and front height RS 35's I did not believe a 10 lb amp, 7x7x7 in. had so much power. Next, I will have to try it out with some BD movies befor taking it to the shop for a checkup since it is 25 years old. Good old vintage equipment still going strong.

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