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FS-Tekton Pendragon SOLD!!


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I'm selling a pair of 6 week old Pendragons, in perfect condition. I bought these from the original owner. He purchased them on the 30-day trial and decided to sell them, instead of paying to ship them back to Tekton.

Everything you've heard about these speakers is true! They are simply amazing at this price point. If they're so good, why am I selling them? I'll get to that in a moment.

When I installed these in my system, my first impression was "OMG, that soundstage is huge! Unbelievably realistic". My second thought was "I have NEVER heard such deep, detailed, articulate bass". For reference, I've owned Magnepan 1.5's with a Rel Strata III sub, Vandersteen 3a Signatures and my current speakers are Gallo Reference 3.1's. The Pendragons blow them all away! Period!

I recently put my Gallo's back in my system. I can't believe how small they sound, in every way, soundstage, detail, bass, etc.

So, if they're so good, why am I selling them? They're simply too big for my room. I have a projector system with a 106" screen. With the Pendragons set up, the screen is blocked for anyone sitting off axis. If that was not the case, these would be my last speakers. They really are that good. I'm seriously trying to figure out how to reconfigure our finished basement/home theater so that I can get a pair of these to fit. But for now, they must go.

From the Home Theater Review website:
"Yes, I'll say it, I believe the Pendragon competes, and favorably, with speakers along the line of Wilson Audio's MAXX 3 ($68,000), Wisdom Audio's LS4 ($70,000), and even pro speakers such as Meyer Sound X-10s ($30,000). I've spent considerable time with all of these heavy hitters and would not make such a bold comparison if I didn't believe it to be accurate. I'm not saying that the Pendragon is better than say a pair of MAXX 3s; I'm simply stating that there are more similarities between a pair of MAXX3s and the Pendragons than there is between the Pendragons and, say, a pair of GoldenEars. These are two speakers, MAXX and Pendragon, which are cut from similar cloth. I recently went back and logged a couple of hours on a pair of MAXX 3s just to be certain. At the extremes, there are differences, but at their core, they check many of the same boxes."

From The Part-Time Audiophile website:
"Here’s the long and the short of it: the ‘dragons had me in stitches. This price/performance ratio is outrageous. Sure, you can find a ton of speakers for less. But they’ll either be fat monitors or skinny towers. Or they’ll suck. At Tekton, that money will buy you a huge-sounding (and actually, physically, huge) speaker that will make you the envy of your cheap *** friends. Your smug overpaid audiophile pals will be scurrying off to desperately research a way to justify their (suddenly overpriced) speakers. And yes, you can now — finally — turn it up to eleven. Which, in case you were wondering, will be loud enough to stun and kill small animals. Be warned."

Asking $2195. You can order a new pair for $2500 plus a flat $200 for shipping & wait 6 weeks for them to be built. Or you can buy these now, as new, already broken in. I will only charge the actual shipping costs.

Shipping will be in two boxes, weighing about 90lbs each. Paypal add 3%. Buyer pays shipping.

Not sure how to post pics here. Will email pics or you can check out my add on Audiogon.com


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Good luck! The Pendragons are awesome ! I'm laughing at your reason for selling because I recently bought Cornwalls and they are large! I had to place them on the edges of my screen and I'm currently looking at trying to get a vertical CW to go in the center....I feel for ya man!!!!!

P.s. are you looking to replace them with the Lore-M?

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P.s. are you looking to replace them with the Lore-M?

I'll probably try the Lore or the Lore-S. I need to call Tekton and discuss what I liked about the Pendragon and see which model they recommend.

I wish the Pendragons would fit in my room, because the really are something special. I've heard a lot of speakers over the years and knew instantly that these were the "ones". They're just too darn big.

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