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Looking for AA Klispchorn network


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Bonjour Pascal:

Pourquoi? Les "spam cans" c'est plus agees et (dessicated). Je pense il n'y a acune person/industrie qui fabrique la meme que l'original avec le AA de 1970s utilize par Klipsch. Je pense il y'a un aluminum in oil produit moderne. Cherchez-vous si vous voulez. Mais, ici nous utilizee les chose comme sonic caps. Aussi, un nouveaux xover de DeanG, Al Klappenberger, Bob Crites, etc. Si les un est plus cher, construire la meme chez vous.


(Old 1970s AA with spam can caps are old and dessicated now with no known true exact replacement. I read a posting on audiogon mentioning aluminum in oil caps ?2008 post. Consider new sonic caps or equivalent depending on local availability. Newer xovers are mentioned often on the forums. If these designs are beyond your budget, consider building one on your own from locally available parts. Write back with what you did.)

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