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Guy says he'll give me his Bose 901's if my speakers outperform...


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I can't really comment on the Acoustimass systems as I've never owned one or even heard one other than brief store demos. I will say that in my brief auditions I thought they sounded pretty good for what they are. That's about as far as I'll go on that subject, other than to say that all else being equal, small enclosure size, full range drivers and no crossover can be good things, sonically. Of course, all else is almost never equal. Hmm

As far as the 901's, I've always liked them. To me, they just sound more like live music. Of course, that can be good or bad, too. The best way I've found to put the 901 experience into perspective is this: If you think of the klipschorn as a front row speaker, the 901 would be a row 20 speaker. I'm sure most klipsch fans prefer the front row, but I generally like to be back a bit. I don't see it as a right or wrong argument, but more just a matter of preference. Besides, sometimes I like to move up closer to the front, too. Smile

Im not right with you but i will admit 901's get the job done in certain rooms. everybody has different styles of listening etc...A hi end audiophile freind of mine whos private studio is worth more than my home swears by the 901's in his completely large rock mortar living room over any speaker on the planet period. My favorite bose are 301's. I have owned 3 pair of 901's in many configurations. If somebody were to buy 901's and never read online forums im sure more people would actually keep them. One of my complaints is that in a theater setting with 1 open door in a townhouse i once owned..i could not get completely comfortable with the 901 sound. trying added preamps and or eq's. They need the proper setting to be acoustically sound to a formal ear, music as well as theater. Which is true for many speaker models, although 901's a bit more so

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