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    I figure my latest mugshot will be taken Friday night
  2. ....or change our lifestyle. But in all reality the environment pressures will force lifestyle change at some point. Americans believe that consumption and materialism brings us maximal joy. Someday we'll learn that isn't the case, but that gets into philosophy and religion. In the longer term our sun is supposed to turn into a Red Giant, so that'll be interesting to live with all that extra heat. I think it would make sense to find another habitat before that happens... hmmmm nice...sounds like the answer to the thread
  3. Leaving earth being an improvement? Absolutely. Just one look at the pacific ocean. Its the most despicable/disgraceful representation of what humanity can do with what we currently have. And beyond that the exploration of the waters in particular the deep oceans of the earth are minimal at best. We can ever so possibly learn so much more by making Earth a more sustainable and inhabitable place rather than any such titled exploration beyond Earth. What we know now of the moon and what we have grasped with the Mars rover is good enough for a very good amount of time. For the sake of humanity the billions of dollars in cost is much more effective using the depths of the oceans to explore with usefulness before continuing to the heights throughout space and or deep space. Exploring the ocean depths to a much larger entirety will provide a greater ability to gain possible activity in further range beyond Earth. As well as maintaining trash and pollution and providing humanity with greater liveliness. Going elsewhere beforehand will only spread human waste. We are disgusting even considering explorations if we cannot maintain an equally great existence for all humanity on Earth. Nonetheless once these tasks are rendered successful 100% or very close to there space exploration may be deemed necessary.
  4. I applaud you Beeker. We're better men when we can admit that we don’t know everything and, even harder for some, that we’ve screwed up so many things. Kinda like maxing out your credit card and thinking that you can be responsible with a second one. Exactly. Excellent analogy Stew. Living as a minimalist is the best thing I have ever done. Excessiveness has to have a limit for any and everybody. Sad to say that fraud and kindness have such a thin line at/of determining separation these days. There is good and there is bad and the good can be bad and bad can be good. Truth and honor with health as one in all of humanity must be met before actual realization and true exception to complete any such task as the titled journey etc...is truly 100% even considerably possible. To do the title as stated and thereon and beyond we must take care of ourselves with the earth 100% to therefore use our complete ability to do the title and beyond. Its like unlocking a door properly with a key. Humanity has not created a key then to properly unlock the space that lies beyond us. If it is done in the next 100 years we will not do it correctly just as I see we have not done everything technologically and above correctly as to this date and repercussions and the non ability to do what is beyond our earth and into the solar system will be with limits. We have a long way to go to truly harness 100% of the mind and body of all humanity and all that lies within and around. This would be step one etc etc
  5. That's is a nice statement stewman. I completely appreciate that entire statement. As much as I rather not admit there are far to many fundamental prerequisites to endure upon earth between now and the day that this should happen.
  6. I cannot recall crossing such a read. Nice to know. What I wrote was between what I believe from reading and experience in combination. These such journeys are simply inevitable. We bought interstellar and will watch soon as well. Hope to watch before leaving for Hope. There is excitement in the house about it.
  7. Nice pic for reference
  8. forum members too. Hey man I'll tell you anything you want to know?
  9. My heart is really skipping beats. Im happy for you and jealous at the same time
  10. wow. simply outstanding! people buying new $10k speakers don't get me. People who buy junk and create a gorgeous pair of speakers do, and that makes me jealous. Vey nice job. Those are absolutely beautiful. I am jealous now
  11. Its my town ft wayne. Absolute crap hole. Craigslist here is 100% a waste of time anymore. I never even look. Indys okay but lot of bait&switch bs. Indys 50/50
  12. And how's the pollen count and or allergies please??? I wont get a cortisone shot yet but will bring my allergy kit in case
  13. My first pair of Heresies are from 78, my third is from 78. These are some of my favorite Klipsch, and I could see how they would make great studio monitors. I run my Heresies on a Scott 222c which is a Quad EL84, and I love it. Gothover recommend the Dynaco St-35, and I can see why. I haven't heard them on a EL34 amp, but could image they would sound great. That 222c would be tops! The st-35 is a well rounded rockin amp. I used a knight kn724 with el84's for a long time and miss it. That with some h2's was my 1st real klipsch system.
  14. hop hop hoppity easter everybody!
  15. Heresy on quad el34's are so glorious. For Studio reference to near any recording descent quad el34 and any pair of working heresy are perfection. Heresy on el84's won my heart and led to klipsch addiction and or my klipsch faithful attention mindset. Heresy are a standard to audio. They can be easy to find at times and parts are easy to get in most cases. Get a small or large tube amp and just live life to its fullest. There is nothing more anybody needs other than a tube amp and heresy'
  16. I like ozzy and beer is good. especially good beer
  17. I gotta check this out Watched battleship tonight and it just got better and better. By the end the low freeq was very well done. Not the best but very well done
  18. She bought battleship last summer and finally I asked her what havnt we watched(we have to get innerstellar sometime soon also)...anyhow if it wernt for the hot blonde in the beginning I don't know if I would had made it to far. Not to much hot blonde looking to hot after the beginning bar seen butt I was hooked then the sound really got good also. Its above 4 stars imo maybe 4.2 lol. I liked it cause the bass seens started out light and progressively got heavier and they were original bass sound effects rather than regurgitated or re-used sound effects from the past and Rihanna was in it no butt shots just facials. It worked for me
  19. The new battleship bluray(about a year old with Rihanna and some hot blonde!) sounds really good as well! On the new tuned system it just got better and better and really proved better sounding than the old setup. Thanks again mxrdad!
  20. beeker

    What I Got Today!

    That is very nice. Im not a ford fan at all but use to always have a hopped up mustang for fun. Usually a few years old though. It does seem that sports cars are getting back into the groove they once were. For a while my northstar Cadillacs would push anything back lol That what you have Schu is a very sharp car!
  21. beeker

    What I Got Today!

    I see...I thought you were building an amp when we spoke last night. Nice amp!!
  22. Wow! That's wild! Be careful with that baby....and the other soon to be baby! My kid was in the womb bouncing to my 15's in the ole firebird with her mom yelling Turn it Down!
  23. I really felt I was writing something there once I get start writing I cant stop til its done then sometimes I post and sometimes I dont To be honest I cant say what I really think. Ironically recently had a dream that was so relevant to this topic. Sounds like ordering interstellar is a must. Im still tuning a bit with the new receiver but I know what has to be done just a couple new wires/amps. I'll certainly look forward to it! A good Hope conversation over a beer will be fun!
  24. I have a difficult time watching sci-fi. Interstellar might be alright and probably have to watch it soon. Previews did look good. I didn't read the entire thread but what I did read was very good and I will eventually take the time. This topic is difficult on many levels. Its impossible to wrap the mind around the reality from what ever direction we look at it. Step 1 and a huge fact we must all understand is from the time we are born into this world we begin to die. But as we get older we become more efficient in using what each of us have. To reach the next closest galaxy to our milky way would take at minimum 4 average human generations. Mars is simply the most logical "next frontier" for any type of useful scientific data in any considerable testing ground beyond the moon being the next furthest range to gain access to what ability humanity has before going further. And from there objectivity is absolutely aimless. Yes this can be looked at as catastrophic, nonetheless it will happen. Theory for goal beyond Mars: At age 14-23 man in our current surroundings on earth being American begin to develop our decision making ability. At age 24-25 we begin to understand consequences on a scale that is much more recognizable within our thought process. At the age of about 26 is true peak physical and mental cognition. So to enter a human man and woman safely within our sister galaxy at the prime age of 24-26 and reproducing each generation at the age of 24 to 26 would provide our prime chances of successfully gaining access to the next galaxy. Maintaining physiological cognition through the next promising frontier is a very tough objective but will likely be met by using machine/s in place of the human body for the duration of the 4 generations assuming successful reproduction can be made throughout these deteriorating facets of deep space to maintain human brain power to record data and report back to the mothership to use for future explorations and successful inhabitation. There are equations related to this goal. This is where science and math end on earth and begin into unknown dimension/s to develop new terminology. At the point humanity can reach the next galaxy reality will undergo inhabitation which will likely be so distant from the reality of earth it will begin its own characteristics altogether 100%. At this point there is no way to understand what is beyond the Milky Way other than through pictures. One day to do this we must reach Mars. It will be done regardless of what any of us want or feel. Barring any catastrophic earth subject this is the only way. Myself I do not believe any human is yet capable of any feat such as what will be done one day. Making the journey to fast is not a good decision. When the time is right even if that's 1000 years from now then so be it. One thing that should be clear is the negative impact we have on the earth as it is. We should be 100% self sustainable in a much cleaner way than we do now on the Earth before undergoing an exploration such as into a new galaxy. Even the cost of the mars manifest is excessive. This is why I do not believe in this exploration today. It is completely possible that every human be happy and do what make/s them happy without greed and pollution on the planet Earth. Many humans live beyond his/her needs every single day. If all humanity would simply save their time with excessiveness we could be such a better world. We all enjoy certain stuff and yes learning what and where deep space is and where it goes is important but doing things properly and efficiently in a tasteful manner can help equal the entire world. Maybe once we get to mars and there on after we will learn to take care of the only Earth? It would be best to be self sustainable on earth under the huge glorious glowing ball that radiates.
  25. Regardless what anybody says in this titled debate this has got to happen for humanity to continue. There will be many failures and with that will come knowledge. From there will be success. And many years from today we will have been developed into something we could not begin to comprehend today.
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