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RC 35, RC 62, RC 62ii


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So the RC 35 has a little less power handling capability and it's not quite as deep as the 62 and 62ii.

But do the three of these speakers sound any different? Will they all match up pretty good with a pair of RB 81s?

I'm looking at used prices and the 35s go for so much cheaper I'm wondering what the arguements would be for getting 62s or 62iis.


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Hello Lance. I would recommend the rc-62 to go with your rb-81's, they are matched for each other. A couple of years ago I bought a rc-35 new for $125 off of ebay and it was a great deal but something just didn't sound right, I replaced it with a rc-52 and I thought it blended better. Later on I found a RC-62 and I'm very happy. I think you should spend a bit more for the matching series, it will be much cheaper in the long run.

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I would have to agree with Nathan. The RC-62 is hands down a better sounding center speaker than the RC-35, IMO. I don't know if it is the odd crossover points(300Hz, 2100Hz) or what but something does not sound right compared to the RC-62. Not saying the RC-35 is awefull, just not the speaker the RC-62 is.


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