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For Sale: Lot of (3) Klipsch R-5800-C in-ceiling speakers


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Up for sale is a set of 3 - Klipsch R-5800-C in ceiling speakers. They have an 8" woofer and an aim-able tweeter. I bought these used several years ago so I do not know the exact history of them.

The bad: the part of the speakers that sit up in the ceiling (and therefore unseen) is in rough condition. They are quite dirty and have a coating of a dried dusty type film on them. Each speaker has a switch to attenuate bass and treble by -3db, which no longer work. However I've never had an inclination to use them in any application I've had them in. They sound much better without the attenuators. Some of the contacts appear rusty. There are 4 mounting areas in the plastic rim for where 2 the screws go through the outer edge of the speaker and attach the metal rim that would clamp to the ceiling when the screws are tightened. On one speaker these plastic holes started to crack, so I drilled new holes in the other recessed mounting area and now it mounts up just fine.

The good: Once mounted in the ceiling, these speakers appear nearly new. They sound awesome and work wonderfully. About a year ago I purchased the newer style grills (the kind that mount inside the rim versus the older ones that sat outside and were quite a bit larger).

I am asking $300 for the set of 3 plus $50 shipping, which is 25% of a new set. The newer model is a CDT-5800-C and retail for $400 each. The only way I will split the 3 of them up is if I can get multiple people to commit to buying them before I will release them in less than a lot of 3. Individually I'm asking $100 plus $25 shipping each. I always welcome local pickup and a demo in Northeast PA, zip 18224.

I have several more pictures that I can email if the condition of these concerns you. I have done my absolute best to try to describe the condition of these speakers and will gladly answer any questions you may have.




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