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Long list of CD's & Records + some DVDs: Uriah Heep, Bobby Darin, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Montrose


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US media mail 1-2 album/CD titles = $3.00. 50cent additional per item.

Order over $20 get free US Media Mail shipping

International needs to be calculated


Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast USA Harvest ST-12202 (plain white inner sleeve)- EX/NM $9

Badfinger - No Dice - Apple ST 3367 VG+/VG - $7

Little Feat - Time Loves a Hero - Nautilus Super Discs - NM/EX - $18

Van Morrison & the Chieftains - EX/EX $5

Status Quo Document Series (2 LPs) made in France Pye Records CLVLXPY 688 EX/VG+ - $6

Lynyrd Skynyrd Second Helping MCA Rainbow label EX/EX - $5

The Monkees - s/t COM-101 (re-issue MONO VG/EX -- there are several light surface scratchs) - $3

Otto's Chemical Lounge - Homestead label - $12 EX or better record, cover has price tag sticker and top 2" of ring wear (VG+)

Argent Encore (2 lps) EX/VG - $2

Don Henley Building the Perfect Beast - $2

Don Henley I cant Stand Still - $2

Free At Last Pickwick SPC 3706 short saw cut-out EX/VG+ - $2

The Four Seasons The Four Seasons Story 2LP NM/NM - $3

Montrose & Ronnie Montrose lot of 5 - $7

* Montrose - s/t vG/VG (name written on back)

* Warner Bros. presents MONTROSE! - EX/VG

* The Speed of Sound - NM/NM

* Territory - EX/EX (really small start of saw cut-out edge)

* Jump on It - VG+/VG+

Rod Stewart lot - $6

The Best of (2 LPS) EX/EX

The Best of Vol 2 (2 LPs) _NM/NM

Ridin High Vol 1 (Italy) EX/EX

8 lp lot - $8

Scorpions Virgin Killer (clean cover w/pic of band) Best Buy Series AYL1-3659 (VG/G+) - $4

The Michael Schenker Group EX/VG+ - $2

Styx - s/t AFL-3110 re-issue black label RCA VG+/VG+

Styx Best of Styx (AFL1-3116 silver hand with flower cover) NM/EX - $3

Styx Best of Styx (AQL1-3597 colorful artwork version of hand w/flower) NM/VG+ - $3

Shooting Star - s/t VG+/VG (promo stamp on back)

Kansas - s/t - EX/VG+

Little Feat - the Last Record Album - VG/VG

The Tchaikovski Album Eugene Ormandy The Philadelphia Orchestra The Great Orchestral Masterpieces 7 records set Columbia M7X 30830 NM/VG+ box has cover wear - $4

Deutsche Grammophon - Gustav Mahler Rafael Kubelik Symphonie NR. 7 Lied Der Nacht , Song of the Night Symphone-Orchester Des Bayerischen Rundfunks - $3

6 LP LOT: $10

Bob Newhart Behind the Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart WB 1417 EX/VG+

Bob Newhart The Best of Bob Newhart! WB 1672 (palm trees label) EX/VG+

Bob Newhart The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart WB 1379 VG+/VG+

Steve Martin - Let's Get Small - VG/VG+

WC fields on Radio - with Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy - VG/VG

Dr. Dementos Delights Palm Trees label with Promo printed VG/EX


Foreigner- Agent Provacateur - made in West German "target" CD - VG+/2 case point impression on right edge of art/ no cracks in case - $4

Bob Dylan Live 1975 2cd w/book and slipcase - each disc has a 1/4" scratch that doesn't impact ripping or play. - $6 VG+/VG+

Iron Maiden - Piece of Mind - VG+ disc, NM art. Capitol CDP 7 46363 2 $6

Joan Jet and the Blackhearts - Good Music - VG/2 point case impressions on right/ no cracks - $3

Sly and the Family Stone - A Whole New Thing - remaster w/bonus tracks EX/EX - $4

Joe Cocker - Night Calls - NM/NM $2

Pet Shop Boys - Disco 2 VG+/NM/EX - $1

Black Oak Arkansas - Street Party Wounded Bird Records WOU 101 disc VG+/art NM/case EX - see it on-line at $29 and up - $19

Black oak Arkansas - Ain't Life Grand - Wounded Bird Records WOU 111 EX/NM/NM - see it on-line at $36 and up - $25

Black Oak Arkansas - Raunch 'N' Roll - Live - Wounded Bird Records WOU 7019 - NM/NM/EX see it on-line at $17 and up - $13

Black oak Arkansas - Ball of Fire Repertoire REP 4551-WY NM/NM/crack across case front - $6

Black Oak Arkansas - High on the Hog - Rhino R2 72222 NM/NM/EX BMG Edition - $12

Black Oak Arkansas - 10 Yr Overnight Success - Lemon Recordings - UK - CD LEM 28 EX/NM/EX - $6

6 CD URIAH HEEP lot - $22

Uriah Heep Live at Shepperton '74 (made in France Castle CLACD 192) disc EX, art NM, case EX

Look at Yourself (made in France Castle CLACD 107) - EX disc, recased in thin case, missing rear tray art, front cover only

Still 'eavy, Still Proud - NM/NM/EX 1998 Castle remaster with bonus tracks

King Biscuit Flower Hour - NM disc, NM art, EX disc

Innocent Victim (1997 England Castle w/bonus tracks) - EX/NM/EX

Head First w/bonus tracks - many scratches on disc

5 CD URIAH HEEP original US Mercury classics - $40

Salisbury - EX CD, NM art, EX case (this one is tough to find)

Look at Yourself - NM/NM/EX

Live - NM/NM/EX

The Magician's Birthday EX/NM/EX

Demons and Wizards - EX/NM/EX

12 Manfred Mann's Earth Band 1998/1998 Creature Music Ltd (Cohesion) UK remasters with bonus tracks. Most if not all of the studio albums (no comps). EX to NM discs, Criminal Tango has a broken hinge on jewel case. I can email a picture


3 Black Eyed Peas CDs - $6

Bridging the Gap


Monkey Business

Kings of Leon - Come Around Sundown - VG+/Ex $3

8 Mariah Carey lot - $12

self titled (made in Austria) - NM

Emotions - VG+ Daydream - NM

The Emancipation of Mimi (BMG edition) - NM

Glitter - NM Charmbracelet - NM MTV Unplugged EP - EX

Rainbow - NM

5 Bobby Darin lot - $22 (or prices as marked)

Bobby Darin - Songs From Big Sur - VG+/NM - $4

Bobby Darin - The Legendary Bobby Darin - VG+/NM - $4

Bobby Darin - The Unreleased Capitol Sides - NM/NM - $6

Bobby Darin - Early Bobby Darin - EX/NM $10

Bobby Darin - Darin 1936-1973 EX/NM $13

Jan & Dean - Save for a Rainy Day - Japan mini-LP w/obi in clear sleeve - arm ARCHIVE AIRAC-1419 - NM/NM - $30 USA (one sold on ebay Feb 7 for $43.50)

Jan & Dean's golden Summer Days - The Legendary Masked Surfers - Varese Sarabande - VG+ (looks like a cloth brushed across leaving very light lines) - new front case - $5 Music for film by Brian Wilson, Dean Torrence, etc.

Mike Watt Big Train (single) promo VG/NM/2 crack on case - $2

Meredith Monk - Dolmen Music ECM Made in West Germany EX/NM - $5

Blue Oyster Cult Tyranny and Mutation remaster w/bonus tracks - NM/NM - $4

Roxy Music EG Polydor made in West Germany VG+/NM/recased - $4

Killing Joke Night Time EGCD 61 G/NM - $2

REO Speed Wagon Live, You Get What You Play For G circular scratches / NM/EX - $2

The Fall Perverted by Language CLACD 392 made in the ECC - VG+/NM - $7

The Vines Winning Days Limited Edition 5- song made in England miniLP sealed $2

Buzzcocks A Different Kind of Tension 2CD Special Edition NM/EX - $5

Wishbone Ash - s/t (MCAD-10661) - VG disc (about 15 scratchs, 1 you can feel) - $4

8 BLUR import CD singles in thin case $16 (no cracked cases, discs look EX or better at quick look)

on your own CD1


Music Is My radar

The Universal II

The Universal


crazy beat

end of a century

These CDs are recased in thin cases without back tray art $2 each:

Dion Runaround Sue (the Best of the Rest) made in West Germany - NM/NM

Gerry & the Pacemakers As Bs & EPs - EX/NM

Bachman-Turner Overdrive King Biscuit Flower Hour NM/NM

Gary Lewis and the Playboys Legendary Masters Series VG+/NM

Rainbow Long Live Rock n Roll made in West Germany Polydor 1/4 of back liner art cut-out

$2 DVDs

Blood Diamond

Hellboy (looks like a rental case) 2 discs

Friday Night Lights

Gettysburg - like new lift lock case

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