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Grrr this is making me mad..


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people in the anandtech forums think that the reason that klipsch is selling the 4.2 system for $299 is because they are overstocked with the 2.1's mad.gif

therefore; the special price of the 4.2's for $299 isn't that hot of a deal because the 4.2's are just a pair 2.1's which aren't selling well so klipsch is overstocked with them. since they're not selling well, the 4.2's aren't as good as the 4.1's rolleyes.gif

that's what a few of those people are thinking

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Methinks these are perhaps the same people who speak of government conspiracies to withold information of extraterrestrials living amongst us and that Elvis is sharing a cabana in Fiji with Jim Morrison.

That or it could be that so many of us (like me) have ordered the 4.1 and have totally outstripped their ability to provide them fast enough and they are trying to appease us.

I WANT MY 4.1's

(sung to the tune of Money For Nothing)

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That might be true. The 2.1's are good speakers, but I don't know how much of a market there is for 2.1 systems. Frankly, I was skeptical from the beginning. Still its not like if you buy 2 sets of 2.1's you're getting suckered. You will have an excellent system.

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