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FS: FiiO E17 Alpen Headphone Amp/DAC *SOLD*


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Here is my FiiO E17 headphone amp/DAC. Out of frustration of not being able to play my music without disturbing others in my old apartment, I purchased this earlier this year. I have since moved into a new place where (finally) I can play my music as loud as I want, at anytime I want. I am not much of a headphone guy, and it is unlikely I'd ever use it now, so I decided to let someone else enjoy it. It is a fantastic sounding unit!!

I purchased it from through the US distributor (Micca) via Amazon. I ordered it on January 31st, but the first one got lost in the mail. They sent out another one, and in all it took a month to get this. In ordered it this way because it was the only way to get the high quality toslink to mini cable free with it. I used it for about a month, and it has sat in my night stand ever since.

It is in mint condition, and comes with everything it came with: Toslink-mini cable w/gold ends, USB cable, Toslink & Coax-mini adaptors, short mini cable, rubber strap to attach it to your i-pod or similar device, 2 screen protectors, and the velour case.

Manufacturer's Product Page: http://fiio.com.cn/products/index.aspx?ID=100000014895351

My asking price is $109 shipped, Postal Money Order/Certified Check Only, to the Continental US.

I may also be interested in a trade for a quality SACD or universal disc player (must be in excellent-mint condition).

photo FiiOE17Alpen004_zpse2edb9b9.jpg

photo FiiOE17Alpen005_zps3543e1a8.jpg

photo FiiOE17Alpen006_zpsa45088d5.jpg

photo FiiOE17Alpen007_zpsdce08fbb.jpg

photo FiiOE17Alpen008_zps306358d0.jpg

photo FiiOE17Alpen011_zpsd0202251.jpg

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