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Heresy II's With 2A3 Amplifier


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SE 2A3 yiekds 3,5 watts and that can make a H2 play plenty lout but you won;t wake the dead and you wont peak paint My SE 2A3 can play my H or my H3 lound enough that they are lauder than I want and the sound is excellent. Depending on your room size music and taste you might want more you might be fine. But no doubt 3.5 watts is loud. one wattt is an honest 96 db. Hope this helps best regards Moray James.

Did some digging and depending upon your output transformer choice you can squeeze 8 - 9 watts out of a pp2A3 thaat stomps on my SE2A3 you will have lots of juice for your H2.

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You can be vey happy with 5 watts and a pair of H2. I am no electronics expert but I know enough to tell you a single ended 2A3 will provide a clean 3.5 watts per channel and a little more not so clean, a push pull pair of 2A3 can pop out 8 - 9 watts per channel perhaps a little more. A 2A3 in pp cannot do 18 watts half at best. So who ever is telling you that is mistaken. In all likelihood what they are telling you is that a stereo pp 2A3 amplifier outputs a total of 18 watts both channels driven which would be right. Enjoy your H2 now and stop talking to me before I suggest to you to modify your Heresy 2 and you find yourself forever on the slide down the rabbit hole that is speaker modification. Best regards Moray James.

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While they sit side by side (my LS and Heresy IIs), I'veyet to hook up the HIIs to my Moondogs. I keep saying I will, but haven't ried them yet. I don't rock out too loud, so they may be fine. The big thing to remember is that tubes, especially low power tubes, work better with constant impedance crossovers.

I've been very interested (but too lazy), to build a pair of of the Jeff Lessard designed Seth 2A3 PP monoblocks.



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