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Cornscallas (mostly Cornwalls)


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Hi All,

I am reluctantly selling my Cornwalls. I have enjoyed these for several years now but have aquired several new projects, and in my eyes, this project pair are complete. These started life as consecutively numbered (33X001 and 33X002) 1982 raw birch Cornwalls. When I purchased them, the cabinets were still unfinished and one woofer had been reconed. I recapped the factory B2 crossover with Sonicaps purchased from Bob Crites and enjoyed them in that state for quite a while. Eventually I purchased a pair of Fastrac mid-horns and refinished the cabinets with red mahogany stain and a couple coat of satin Deft while installing the horns. At this point they sounded good but seemed to lack bass. Knowing bass to be a strong point of Cornwalls, I did some investigating and found both woofers were 8ohm, one round magnet, the other square. Not sure what happened there, but I found a pair of CTS woofers from a pair of diy Khorns installed those. I read somewhere on this forum that the CTS woofers were the best match for the Cornwall cabinets, and this setup sounds very good! Certainly not lacking in bass. I've also installed a pair of Bob Crites CT125 tweeters, and am including the original (perfectly functioning) K77's (square magnet) with the sale. I've listened to both at length and cannot pick a clear favorite, just a different presentation. My guess is that a preference for one or the other may be room or equipment related.

To wrap up this lengthy sale post, I would rate the cabinets at 6.5-7/10 due to some chipping of veneer at the edges, mostly on the one. I would rate the grills 5/10, presentable but have snags, minor warpage, and a little dingy. This pair is not perfect, but if they were I wouldn't have modified them. They sound very good, and the sound has always been my main objective. Fwiw, my wife never complained of the looks while in our livingroom but ymmv as they say!

I'm asking $1000 for forum members. I've got more than that in them but have enjoyed them very much and am pricing them fairly based on their cosmetic flaws. The pictures do a very good job of presenting their appearance in person.Local pickup in Salt Lake City, Utah.


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