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Should I Upgrade to Servo-15!


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Hey whats up guys,

Yep im back again with more questions. Anyways last week i bought the pw-2200 sub, and am considering upgrading to the servo-15. Reason, well servo has cleaner bass. Anyways what i need to know is how much spl will i lose roughly at 20hz when switching to the servo. I know that the pw-2200 is louder since it is ported, but is it THAT MUCH LOUDER down low compared to servo-15. I would like clean bass with double the spl at 20 hz lets compared to a D-BOX david 300 (my last sub)

My other question is i listen to mainly Hip-hop, R&B, and some other types of simiular music. Well the servo-15 sound better on these types of music when once again compared to PW-2200.

Sorry i asked so many questions, but before i go audition to servo-15 80 km away, i thought i would get a few opinions.


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buy another PW-2200.

you'll probably get better bass down low, and surely more impact in the upper ranges necessary for the type of music you listen to.

I don't have the numbers, but last time I looked at it in detail, buying two PW-2200 made more sense than one Servo 15, unless you really cared about the distortion being lower, which it will be, but not by much at similar volumes.

price/performance ratio is much better with a $660 PW-2200 than with the big servo. as a general rule anyways, I like the sound of two 12s over the sound of one 15"... here the equation is harder to make because of the servo mechanism, buit still. the Servo-15 is a good sub in its price range, the PW-2200 a GREAT sub in its price range.


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Two PW2200's will pump out more deep bass,the Servo-15 is a better sounding sub.Its both cleaner and more accurate.Distortion is in the same range as the velodyne HGS series,the lowest among subwoofers.

If you value output and like what you hear from the firts PW2200,then get another.

If you value sound quality above all else and want the cleanest sub bass the Servo-15 is the better hoice.

On this Klipsch board I see alot of dB and SPL talk,quality takes a back seat sometimes.I say simple loudness with lesser quality is pointless.Quality first.SO I would take the Servo-15 over even 10 PW2200's any day for music.The Servo15 is cleaner then SVS,HSU...just about any sub.Only the Velodyne HGS series is as clean.

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