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FS: Sub amps & other components from Boston Acoustics powered towers


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I realize it's probably a long shot, but here are the electronic components from my recently dismantled Boston Acoustics VR965 powered towers.

Free shipping on any and all items.

First up are the 80 watt sub amps. A binding post on one of them is half broken off, but a solid connection with bare wire is still easy to obtain. Of course, now that the amp is removed from the cabinet, it is extremely easy to replace. Think of the possibilities with these: For instance, you could use them as an amp for a small DIY sub, or as monoblock amps for a PC or bedroom setup. The amps also have high pass connections on the circuit boards, so you could build a pair of powered towers or a pair of powered monitors a la the Definitive Technology Power Monitor Series. If anyone is interested in them, I also have the crossovers for the mid & tweeter drivers I'll throw in for free with the amp(s). I am asking $30 each or $50 for both.

Next up are the excellent Lynnfield VR 1" tweeters with anodized aluminum dome and extruded aluminum heat sink. These are really nice sounding tweeters (IMHO), and are very hard to find if you need to replace a bad one. I am asking $25 each or $40 for both.

Next are the 4-1/2" midrange drivers. They have rubber surrounds and are magnetically shielded. I am asking $15 each or $25 for both.

Finally, the 8" woofers. These also have rubber surrounds and magnetic shielding. FYI - one of the woofers has voice coil issues. I am not sure if it is repairable or not, but that is certainly something out of my skill level if it is possible?? I am asking $20 for the good one. (You can have the one with the bad voice coil for free if you buy the good one and want it).

Like I said, it is probably a long shot, but I'll try anyhow. For someone who is looking for a fun winter project, you could buy the whole lot and build your own powered tower or monitor speakers. For anyone interested, you can have the whole lot of parts for $100 shipped.

I'd also be interested in a trade for an SACD/universal disc player for all the components.






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