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5.0/7.0 set of NHT Classic speakers ("Four" towers, "Three" bookshelves, "Two" bookshelves, & "Three C" center)


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Not Klipsch stuff, obviously.. but I figure it doesn't hurt to post here. :)

Full 5.0 / 7.0 set of NHT Classics. High gloss black finish. Very good condition on everything. Come see for yourself!

Local pickup ONLY in Auburn, WA. I'm NOT shipping these. I also do not wish to split the set at all beyond the options you'll see below.


Classic 4 towers - $1,200/ea (http://www.nhthifi.com/Four_Left)

Classic 2 bookshelves - $330/EA (http://www.nhthifi.com/Two-Black)

Classic 3 bookshelves -$400/ea (http://www.nhthifi.com/Three)

Classic 3 center - $600 (http://www.nhthifi.com/Three-C)

--Based on these numbers that the speakers are currently selling for, my set would retail for >$4,400

I'm offering all of these.. Classic Four towers + Classic Three bookshelves, Classic Two bookshelves, Classic 3C center - $2k. FIRM.

Would prefer to sell all 7 together, but you can also choose to go with a 5-channel set instead of a 7-channel:

1. Fours, 3C, Threes = $1650

2. Fours, 3C, Twos = $1550

PM me with any questions, if interested. Can also supply pics to interested parties. Thx.

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