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Few questions about Klipsch M40 headphones.

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Hello everyone,

I got few questions about M40, I just got mine today. I'll just add that I'm using Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround Pro 5.1 audio card.

What I wanted to know is if they will be working okay with Jack to Optical audio cable ? I would like to buy one, as I have that port in my audio card and PS4.
Also, while testing them I noticed one thing, when I try them out with some BlueRay movie and i turn on ANC I can see that sound is improving a lot, is louder and more detailed. The problem stats when I try to listen to music(mp3, flac) with ANC on, bass is is cracking on 100% audio and it stops when I go to 50%. Any solution to that or just my audio card is not good enough ?


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The issue isn't with the audio card, the M40s distort at max volume. I noticed this as well when I owned a set. Wasn't a huge issue for me as the volume was higher than my desired listening level at the point they would distort. My biggest complaint with the M40s was fatigue and the cans becoming uncomfortable after an hour or so of use. I've heard this has been addressed with the new Klipsch Statuses. However, I've moved on to Monster Inspirations and am extremely happy with them.

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