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Another Dual 1019

The Dude

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Didn't want to take over ajoker's thread on his Old Sckol Dual thread. I want to give thanks to Ronw from here on the forum for making the drawing for me. I was then able to cut out the pattern and then cut out a new base for my Bozak cabinet for this Dual 1019.

I was having some problems with the auto function, so I sent my Dual to fixmydual.com, BIll is awesome to work with. At first I was worried as I didn't hear from him for about week, turns out my email was junking his. So when I finally called him, he had no problem expiditing the job to get this back to me before this weekend. Will here it is Wensday, which I spoke to him Monday. I am now listening to this wonderful machine. I had it fitted with a Shure V 15 type 2, and does it sound fantastic. I can't compare this cart with my type 3 at that is a different player all together( I guess I could set it up on this player) but I have no need to. I will be getting a 78 rpm cart for this so I can listen to my aunt's 78s or at least she can when she is over.

The pre amp is Tubes4hifi.com Vacuum Tube Audio sp6/ph6 combo which can all so be used as a drop in replacement for the Dynaco PAS-3, Roy as well is a outstanding guy to work with.

Power amp is a McIntosh MC2505, which next will get sent out for refurbishing. It works but I want it to work like it is suppose to.

Last the speakers, Ok, OK they are not Klipsch. But Dave's Drift recipe, these are a very nice sound speaker,

I am all so running a TTLS from Bill Fitzmaurice powered by a Crown comtech 200.

But don't worry as I am having a little listening party this weekend with Bliss from the forum stopping by, and we might move the Heresies down stairs and see how they sound with this setup.

Very great sounding system, I recommend the table to anyone on the fence as you will not be disappointed.

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The wood for the Bozak cab appears to be a birch, for now its just a piece of MDF that the table is sitting on. Once I get time I will glue a piece of 1/4" birch to it to make it look nicer and stain the raw wood. ajoker, I can try this weekend with my camera, for some reason when I did with my phone they came out really small.

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