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line conditioning the way the big boys do it

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so came across this. A 60hz harmonic line filter. what does it do? filters ac ? how? only allows 60hz to pass thru the filter. basically a giant low frequency sub sub woofer filter in design. does it work? seems to. trannies don't buzz anymore and motorized devices don't squeal at high rpms , so yes it works. this one is a 14 amp times 3 440V capable one...it can do three phase. but easy to adapt to single phase 120 or two 120 phases off of 220/240. main thing to remember is to wire as a sub panel....you will need to add a ground bar and a floating neutral bar. and put it in a box so your cat doesn't get electrocuted.

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Curious as well what to expect ?

I run a dedicated powerline starting with a isolation-transformer from the mains with great result; my acoustic mains-pollutionmeter simply is dead silent when plugged in. It screams like hell when plugged into a socket from another circuit in the house.

BTW; did you know a "STETZERIZER" also has this effect on a whole circuit ? Inside these things is a simple condenser of 15uF 450 volts.

Link; http://www.amazon.co.uk/CBB61-Motor-Starting-Running-Capacitor/dp/B005QIYONK

Without my "Hifi Tuning" meter I would never had known that a simple capacitor cleans up a mains cicuit in this way. Maybe a tip to remember when you're in a radio-shack store.... Stetzerizers cost a lot more. ;)


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