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Tube pre-amp for sale


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Bought this to be able to run in all tube mode then replaced it with a Jolida JD5T to have a(nother) remote.

It appears to be homemade/kit and always worked fine.

Cosmetically I'd give it a 7.

The tubes; 150C4 and 75C1 are Mullards, the 6SN7's are Russian Electro Harmonix and the rectifier appears to be a Chinese 6Z4.

Center pin is broken off of one of the Russians but keying is obvious.

Price is $200 plus actual shipping. Local pickup/meetup available if you're near the Mississippi river where Illinois, Iowa and Missouri meet.

Payment is cash, check (with clearance delay) or PayPal + 3%.

Offered exclusively here to you guys before going to Evilbay




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