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Don't give up on a K-55!


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Hi fellow Klipsch fans! Long time since I have visited. I have been enjoying my KHorns without even feeling the need to tweak or change anything! <_< I know, hard to believe :lol:

Until today, when I heard this faint buzz / distortion. :wacko: I couldn't tell if it was mechanical or signal. So I started basic signal flow t-shooting, and found my right K-55 to blame. So now what... Well I start to take apart the k-55 using the instructions found here . All looked normal at first. Reassembled hoping that whatever it was had been resolved :unsure: . Still there. So I take it apart again. This time I look close at the voice coil, and I see that it is a bit of fuzz on it. Distilled water and a cue tip clean it up no problem. Reassembled, and the buzz is gone.

Some pretty simple maintenance took care of it. Just wanted to through this on the forum in case anyone comes looking for a k-55- buzz like I had.

While I was in there, I also trimmed the red gasket so the excess did not impede the throat of the horn. :ph34r:

Well, back to enjoying my Klipschorns!!! ^_^


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it was a glob of very fine dust collected at the bottom (what gravity would describe as the "bottom") of the inside of the coil. Looked like humidity may have started the collection? very very fine particles, just enough to grab / pull on the magnet that was audible at a certain frequency.

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