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Jubilee crossover suggestions for EV- DH1A with JBL 2360A horn


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Hi Forum,


Looking for a little bit of advice here....


I have 3- commercial Jubilee base bins, 2 in the front with one in the back and I'm currently using EV DH1A (6ohm) drivers with a JBL 2360A horns on each. 


I've been using some JBL 3110A crossovers I had laying around and it sounds real good, but at the same time, although I think I have a pretty good ear, I have never had the luxury of listening to a TRUE Jubilee 2 way or 3 way set up, so I don't know what I'm missing.


So two questions......


One, does anyone have any suggestions for a better crossover that I can use with my current system?  Even if its a schematic that I can build for either a 2 way or 3 way system.

Two, does anyone have any Klipsch tops for sale?  I assume a K401 or K402 with a KPT-Grand-HF-T?


Please give me some direction here so that I can REALLY release the sound that I probably am not hearing;)


By the way, I do listen to the system fairly loud, not just on movies, but also with just good ole 70's tunes :tongue:



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