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Looking for wooden mid horn plans

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What profile? What cutoff frequency? What is the dispersion you are looking for?


I have built one that is tractrix with 190cf. It is rectangular mouthed, has wider dispersion horizontally. You can find the plans and the build @ https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/153762-bruce-edgar-tractrix-horn-project/page-4

I saw it and really liked it. Tried everything I know to down load the plans and could never get them to come up. Anyway you could post a snap shot or PDF file?? Thanks

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as the Jamboree probably won't go up that much you'll need a big horn. cf150-200 for example. that big horn won't load higher frequencies so you'll definitely a separate tweeters or you'll get the hf direct.

though I've not heard this combination but I think Oris 150 horn on top of a Jamboree could potentially sound very nice.

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