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Receiver/Speaker matching


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I'm thinking about buying a Panasonic SA-HE200K A/V Receiver 130wX6. I know it isn't as good as a Denon or Yamaha receiver but it is all I can afford. I saw that the amp in it is rated at 6 ohms and the speakers I want are rated at 8 ohms. I was told by panasonic that the speakers are compatible but that it would decrease the wattage of the amp. Does anyone know what the wattage will be cut down too? Is that even possible to figure out? Any help would be much appreciated.



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I can't give you a specific answer, but measuring output into 6 OHMS is often a way for a manufacturer to post higher output wattage so it "advertises" better against other receivers out there, many of them measured at 8ohms. Unfortunately, it makes it tough for apples to apples.

However, output wattage is not the whole story - it's also current, build quality, output quality, etc...

What is your budget? I bet you'll get some good suggestions on other receivers to consider, as well.



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Agreed. Budget is key. I believe that if your looking under $500, you'll do much better than the Panasonic if you're willing to look for used or refurbished. Denon, Nad & others are available on ebay or the av forums. Won't be the latest & greatest but will work well and have some resale value when you're ready to upgrade.


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Since you're increasing the impedance of the speakers by 33%, you decreasing the amp's outpot by 33%, or down to 97.5 watts. What speakers will you be using? It Klipsch, you COULD operate on 1/10th of that power. I'd suggest looking at a 50 to 60 watt Yamaha, Sony, or the like.


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Looks like the Panasonic runs about $400 or so.

Take a look at either the Denon 1602 or 1802 both should be in or below that price range. You might find a deal on them in the coming months. I might be wrong, but I think both models are due for an upgrade by years end. Actually, Denon already has a 1603 and a 1803 listed on their website, so both models should be going on clearance very soon. I see the prices are alreday being reduced on the 2802 as well. The 2802 starts in the high $400's and has good features.

Even though they are rated at 70 and 80 watts (1602 and 1802), you stand a better chance of actually getting that power with a Denon than you would with the Panasonic. Look at it this way--Panasonic is already playing games with the power ratings by giving you the rating at 6 ohms and not 8 like every other company.

I just checked Denon's site again and they rate the 1802 at 80 watts for 8 ohms and at 115 watts for 6 ohms. That should give you a pretty fair comparison.

Good luck.


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Thanks everyone for your help. I was wondering why panasonic was rating there receiver at 6 ohms since most all speakers are 8 ohms. I knew it would cut the wattage down, but I'm not going to pay for the receiver if it cuts the wattage that much. I am looking at receivers at less than $500. I wanted to have the option of upgrading to 6.1. What do yall think about JVC receivers?? Specifically the JVC 8020 receiver. I have been looking at it too. It has the option to upgrade to 6.1 if I can find a powered back speaker. The speakers I wanted were the JBL Northridge Series. Those were more in my price range.

Has anyone had any experience with JBL speakers?

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