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Pro 6800-w versus R 5800 W II


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Welcome to the forum.


I cannot find any information about the PRO line of architectural speakers


Me either.  Maybe they are too new and have not been reviewed yet.


Between Pro 6800 and R5800 which one will be better.


No experience with Klipsch architectural speakers.


This is for a 20 ft X 16 ft X 10 ft (h) room.


Nice medium size room.


The front three floor standers are alreay there.


What front speakers are you using?


I need six speakers for surrond in an Audyssey 9.2 configuration.


The answer to the previous question might help determine which surrounds/heights to go with.


The receiver is Onkyo 3010.


Should be plenty of grunt for your size room unless you like it very loud. :o  :wacko:  :D 



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Joaquingonzales, on 20 Sept 2015 - 11:23 PM, said:snapback.png

The front three floor standers are alreay there.

 Thanks Willand. The front speakers are Chinese, KEF 900 fronts and KEF 600 Center.


I called Klipsch today.  They were reluctant to talk about the PRO 6800 as they are supposed to be installed by Home Theater Companies.  He finally said that 6800 are new and should be better than R5800, which are five years' old.  I didn't think that that was a logical deduction.  Still I accept his advice with gratitude.


What front speakers are you using?

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R-5800, are you talking about the CDT-5800ii?  

EDIT:  Nevermind, I thought you were asking about ceiling speakers.  



The pros are supposed to be timbre matched with the THX's, same with the others in regards to reference.  Personally I'd get whichever would match everything else.  


From what I can tell, the new pros are supposed to be about the same thing as the previous THX ceiling speakers like the KL-7502 but with some modifications, primarily the grill, which goes edge to edge now.  

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