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Need Some Advice Selecting New Klipsch Speaker For Home Theater System


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I am not an audiophile but I do appreciate good sound and was blessed to inheret some nice audio equipment from which I hope to build a quality home theatre system primarily for movies & video. Here's a list of my equipment:

  • 2X Klipsch KG5.5 Floorstanding Speakers
  • Klipsch KV2 Center Channel Speaker
  • Klipsch SW10-II Subwoofer
  • Harmon Kardon AVR65 Receiver

The way my room is set up makes the large KG5.5 speakers placement more practical in the back of the room behind the speaker as rear channel speakers. I guess my first question is whether this is an aceptable arrangement for these particular speakers. If yes, can you guys recommend a complementary Klipsch product for the front and rear speakers with the caveat that I need something small enough to hang from a side wall or the ceiling. And while I'm at it, can you recommend a good speaker bracket/clip/hanger for ceiling or side wall mount? Finally, if locating these big KGs in the back of the room is an audio faux pas, I'll try to find a home for them in the front of the room but still need a recomendation for the rear speakers.


Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.




Madison, AL


PS - Do you guys recommend using bandpass filters for the perimeter speakers when a subwoofer is part of the home audio system? If yes, where would I purchase such an animal?

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If the KG 5.5 is to large as front speakers, bookshelf or smaller tower may be an option.  In the back of the room for the KG 5.5 is a bit of a waste.  SB and surround speakers can be towers but, generally the other speakers in the HT setup are not larger than the Front L/R speaker.

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I decided to purchase a set of Klipsch R-5502-W II in-wall speakers to flank my new 65" Samsung LED TV for the front speakers but am still not sure about what to do in the back. I'm still thinking about putting the KGs in the back just because I already own them and hate to replace them with another set of speakers when the KGs would would otherwise just be collecting dust in the closet. Given that, is there anything special I need to do to "tone down" those big powerful rear speakers so they won't overwhelm the front speakers? Again, do I need any band pass filters? And finally, do you guys recommend rear wall mount or ceiling mount? Side mount is not an option for me.




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I don't think they would be used enough as rears(signal wise) to justify the real estate for me. And if you did turn them up I think they'd overpower the front end. If any way at all, I'd flip them back to front and use the 5502's in back.  Otherwise, add another set of the 5502's and retire or sell the KG5.5

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