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cornwall woofer-blown?--Help


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During playback of a dvd--I heard a VERY loud Buzz noise--ran across the room and shut off the power--about 7 seconds. It now sounds to me like the right woofer is not working properly. What are my options? By the way, I was not playing loud--about 7-8 o'clock. Thanks for any comments or advice.. Thanks to all! Cornwall I (1976)



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I am inclined to be more suspicious of the amp than the Cornwall. Those big ol' Electrovoice woofers will take considerable abuse. So much so that the midrange and tweeter will typically kack before the woofer gives up the fight.

Disclaimer: The above should not be seen by anyone as a recommendation to hammer the EVs. The trouble with attempting to foolproof a design is that the Lord keeps designing better fools,(Mark Twain ??)

Are you sure the problem is with the speaker and not your amplifier?

Try hooking up the "bad" speaker to the channel that the "good" speaker is currently connected to,( do not hook the "good" speaker up to the channel vacated by the speaker you suspect is kaput as if it was something in the amp that blew the speaker you risk blowing the woofers in both of your Cornwalls). If the problem follows the "bad" speaker then you have established that the speaker has a problem but not what caused it.

Your description of the event sounds to me as if the amplifier has tanked on that channel,(possibly due to a power supply problem),and I wouldn't be at all suprised to learn that the suspect speaker turns out to operate normally when connected to the opposite channel.

If unfortunately you determine that the problem follows the speaker I would encourage you not only to buy the necessary bits and pieces to repair the Cornwall but also to take the amp to a qualified technician for a check up. If you are determined to test the amp "in vivo" hook up a couple of $10.00 garage sale treasures rather than the Cornwalls until you are satisfied that the amp is indeed OK. Better to vaporise a Yorx Super-Mach 37 GTx Series 3 than yet another Cornwall!


It is meet to recall that the Great Green Heron rarely flies upside down in the moonlight - (Foo Ling ca.1900)

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