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  1. $15--$20 for the cab. If you want a room upgrade slip the registration clerk between $20--$50 when asked for a credit card and say you would appreciate an upgrade if possible (be sure to smile). Shows I have seen and really enjoyed: Blue Man Group--Seigfried & Roy (at the Mirage)--The Beliago water show and the main show there, and many others mentioned here. Hard to get a bad meal. Reservations are a must at the more upscale places. It is impossible not to have fun in Vegas!
  2. Get them fast!! Depending on the price of course. I have Cornwall I's that I will Never part with--but would grab a pair of Local Klipschorns in a second for 2 grand--I would beg--borrow, get a loan--anything--but I would grab them. You are a lucky guy--go get em.....Johnny
  3. I would like to place my Marantz 2325 Vintage Receiver on top of one of my Cornwall I speakers. The receiver weighs about 49 pounds. I listen to most music (99%) at normal listening levels--usually DVD movies--classic rock (no heavy head banging music--not that there is anything wrong with that), & light jazz, classical, etc. Is this safe to do? I have seen many set-ups with some equipment resting on a speaker. Just don't want to hurt my Cornwalls--or the Marantz. Thanks for any help or advice!! (The receiver MIGHT fit in my entertainment center--there is about 1/4 inch to spare) Thanks again--this forum has helped so many people, including me in the past! Johnny
  4. Thanks for the opinions. I love my Cornwall 1's--have never heard the 7's--or anything from B & K. My old Tandberg separates are sending LOUD signal noises thru my Cornwalls--don't want to harm them so its time to get an A/V receiver or something else. Again thanks for the info and suggestions!!
  5. Has anyone here listened to the Cornwall 1 and the new Klipsch 7's--and if so, how would you describe the sound differences? Also, does anyone here have any experience with the B & K AVR 305 or 307 A/V Receivers ? Appreciate the information from this great forum!! Johnny ------------------ Johnny
  6. During playback of a dvd--I heard a VERY loud Buzz noise--ran across the room and shut off the power--about 7 seconds. It now sounds to me like the right woofer is not working properly. What are my options? By the way, I was not playing loud--about 7-8 o'clock. Thanks for any comments or advice.. Thanks to all! Cornwall I (1976) ------------------ Johnny This message has been edited by alex336 on 09-04-2002 at 03:52 PM
  7. Justin--YOU are in my prayers--God bless you buddy..........Johnny ------------------ Johnny
  8. Justin---keep your faith strong,and prayer changes things. You are in my prayers. Johnny ------------------ Johnny
  9. The world lost a true Legend today--and, we all lost a friend. God Bless Paul and his family. ------------------ Johnny This message has been edited by alex336 on 05-06-2002 at 10:53 AM
  10. Also, check out Naim--just excellent! The Bryston is a fine amp too...... ------------------ Johnny
  11. The Moon is a wonderful sounding amp--go for it! The 30's are very good speakers--however, when I compared the sound to the 1976 Cornwalls I now own, the Cornwalls came out on top---Hard to beat the Heritage. ------------------ Johnny
  12. Haven't heard the 7's--I am sure they are another great KLIPSCH speaker--you just have to listen to decide. Sometimes I STILL do a double take when hearing something for the first time on the Cornwalls--so real and clear its spooky---I may someday own the 7's or another Klipsch speaker---but, I will never part with my Cornwalls. ------------------ Johnny
  13. Well you asked so here goes! Find a nice pair of Cornwalls. Other than the mighty Klipschorn, nothing else comes close. (Except maybe a Scalla or Belle with a Sub.) Just my opinion. ------------------ Johnny
  14. Congrats!! My Cornwalls are 1976---WOW---THE MORE YOU LISTEN, THE MORE YOU WILL LOVE THEM. ------------------ Johnny
  15. I have had both----get the 78 !! ------------------ Johnny
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