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Amp for Klipschorn set up


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18 hours ago, derrickdj1 said:

I'm not sure if this is so true.  A decent avr can be just as good as using a preamp. Due to size of some of the avr companies, they are able to includes somethings that smaller companies just can't without their product getting really expensive due to economies of scale.  You can also hook up and outboard amp to an avr.  A decent avr connect via HDMI can basically run the show and is the perfered way of connecting thing if and avr is being used.  This hold true for movies and TV.  Music may be debateable IMHO.

For just movies / TV, I would agree that an AVR can be sufficient.  For music, that has not been my experience but I guess I can say I haven't listened to every AVR out there.  Within the budget of $1,000, to include phono, I'd expect finding an AVR that can perform as well as separates for music difficult to find.  Keep in mind he is using Klipschorns and La Scalas which are VERY revealing when it comes to quality of amplification.  I think my solution also provides a better method for future upgrades in the chain.

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