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Anybody use these interconnects?


There are so many manufacturer's of cables that it is hard to make a choice. Without using them in my system it seems to be just taking a chance. I want to buy on the used market to try to keep cost down.


I am using Pass Labs X 150, Odyssey Candela, Oppo 105D and soon have my VPI Scoutmaster up and running.

I will be using off and on, my Cornwall's and my Magnepan MG 1.4 speakers.


Any thoughts on cables. I am using Transparent interconnects at the present. I'm just always curious as to what other cables will do for me, if anything.



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If you can deal with different colors, I can get you one pair.  It's all I have in that size.  One green and one purple.




I bought different colors to make things easier for myself. (I specifically used one color for right, different for left, another color for 2nd right, another color for 2nd left and so on)


PM me your address if you would like a mysterious package to show up with no connections on the ends. 


(of which by the way, I used the Neutrik Profi with good results)




You're on your own for whatever ends you use!




PS:  Just measured, each one is right at 51" long.


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