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SGI or Sony? 17.3 Wide Or 22.5 Wide


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Well I'm stumped. My PCHT is coming along nicely now. But I'm stuck on figuring which monitor to get, I'm preety much set on the following:

SGI 1600SW 17.3 Widescreen Flat Panel LCD With Digital Connections = 1500.00 USD


Sony GDM-FW900 22.5 Widescreen Flat CRT

With BNC Connections = 1900.00 USD

What do you guys recommend, any experience?

My Current Setup Is A Follows:

Old POS Case

Old POS 333 Board w/128 Ram & Riva TNT2 M64

Midiland ADS-2000 Digital Decoder

Pioneer 16x DVD 105s Slot Drive

Creative 8x4x32 CDRW Blaster Drive

3 Sets Of Klipsch 2.1's (Center, Front, Rear)

Sigma Designs Hollywood+ Mpeg-2 Decoder

Philips Acoustic Edge Sound Card

Real Magic Remote Control

Intellimouse Optical

I plan to finish my pcht by getting:

Coolermaster ATC-201 Case = 250.00

Hauppage HDTV Tuner Card = 400.00

IBM 75GXP 75GB Hard Drive = 275.00

Athlon 1.33 Ghz Motherboard = 150.00

Athlon 1.33 Ghz Processor = 230.00

512 Mb DDR 266 Mhz Ram = 450.00

Geforce2 Or 3 = 250.00-450.00

PS: And yes I've heard every waste of money comment in the world. As I said, I live at home, computer science major, so my computer is always a plus, and I have 2 1/2 year old niece running around all day so a big screen tv just aint working. Peace to you all.

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Take a sheet of newspaper and fold to the diminision of the 24" Sony, for $2400, the SGI 1600SW that uses the full 17" diag. for $1400.

Then you can hold and compare the size.

While you at it fold one for a 22" diamondtron tube and consider that you can get a 37"superbrite, 600 lines rez S-VHS monitor, with the change, that's gonna' look a lot better from the couch.

Sorry, I see the sony is only $1900.

After all, it's only till flat plazma display comes down next year.

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