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Dolby Atmos


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3 minutes ago, holtrp said:

Just a couple thoughts here...


Isn't true Atmos 11 discrete channels? I thought you need full 7 channel surround plus 4 additional in-ceiling or otherwise height channels for true 3D object based audio? Anything less is just matrixed. So with that in mind, I don't think a 7 channel AVR will cut it, especially if you are looking for something for the next +10 years. 


You should easily be able to find a used pair of RSxii used. I saw a pair on Craigslist a few weeks ago for $350 and he probably would have taken less. I demoed both the RS-52 and 62 and couldn't tell any difference, so I wouldn't hesitate to go with the 52 or even the 42 if you can find them cheap. 


$1500 for a 4k TV. You could get a 1080P projector and 100" screen for about half of that. Some of that money could be invested in the best mains you can afford and quality subs. Subs and as large of a projection screen I could fit in my room was hands down the best improvements I have made.


I am really all for 4k and Atmos. The biggest issue right now I see is there is still a lack of content. I think in another 3-5 years when there is much more content available in 4k-HDR/Dolbyvision and Dolby Atmos / DTS-X, true 4k projectors will be available, 11 channel pre/pros will be cheap, that will be the time to upgrade. 

Thanks for your input. I work pretty close to a shop that is for AV installs. They are the ones who ran my original wires when i first moved in, so they will know my setup also. I think I am gonna go talk to them. My mind has been doing the upgrade race for a few hours now and have been doing a lot of research on Atmos. The thing I feel like is going to change is going to be the receiver. It will have to be at least a 9 channel or higher if i want to keep my setup now + the atmos, whether I do two or four will dictate whether I get a 9 or 11 channel receiver. 


The reason I want a 4K tv is because new video game systems are coming out and that is the upgrade from ps4 to ps4 pro and xb1 and xb1 S. That's where the content is headed, before content really heads to Atmos. I just felt that with the fact that I have some satellites that match I could use them and make a quick jump to atmos. Sounds like that part will be trickier just because of the extra upgrade for the receiver, not just to an Atmos ready one, but an Atmos ready one that has enough channels to drop it to 5.1.2. I would rather do 7.1.2 if I can.

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