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1967 Vintage 5 x 7 Tweeter Replacement?


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I am repairing a built in home stereo system that uses Frazier speakers in every room.  Each speaker is a 12 x 12 x 16 cabinet with an 8" woofer and a 5 x 7 tweeter.  The tweeters are the black bell type with alnico magnetics. The tweeters are blown in at least 2 of 12 tweeters, and there are at least a couple more. 


Knowing that there is a lot of common driver parts between Klipsch and Frazier, I am posting my questions here and in the Frazier sites. 


Checking the internet I cannot find any diaphragm replacement kits. Are there any available?


Next option is I have found some 5 X 7 Frazier replacement tweeter assemblies at a decent price, but the magnetic arrangement is different.  Instead of the tall small diameter alnico style magnet under a plastic cup, it has a short large diameter magnetic and no cup.  The tweeters are marked on the back with:









Are these equivalent specs? And what are the differences?


Thanks in advance 

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Do you have the skills to align the diaphragm?


I've done it before, but it requires a degree of skill that many will not have.


It's similar to the earliest EV T35/K77 that don't use the plastic carrier.


Also, you need to check the coil height vs the plane of the dome edge.

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