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I own a set of klf 20's for 15 years and I never had any trouble.. I'm Looking to buy a set Klipsch KLF 30 s and a Center..

What are the draw backs of the KLFs series? i have read many issues with them, like the glue failing on cabinets and all the speaker plastic trim cracking with heavy use..

Honestly, Im Kinda considering in buying new speakers to avoid any issues.


BTW I'm located in ATLANTA if any wants sell some klf  30s or 20s at reasonable price


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I love my klf30s, I also own klf10s, a klf-c7, and used to own klf20s. You already mentioned the biggest issues. The front and back panels coming unglued. If you work by yourself to repair the cabinet, it's about a day's work per speaker. If you have help, you may be able to bang out 2 in a day. Just let the liquid nail cure for 7 days.


With that being said, upgrade the tweeters with Bob Crites titanium tweeter diaphragms. 


The other issues that I have experienced was crossovers needed to be rebuilt and a mid-range diaphragm went bad. 


In the end, if the price is right, it's worth it. To buy a comparable speaker, it's going to cost you a lot more. I think the closest speaker from klipsch right now would be the rf-7 II which has smaller drivers and is a 2-way speaker instead of a 3-way. Good luck.

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