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Titanium Midranges (K-53-Ti) in Klipsch Forte Is


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I have now installed what should be the final update in my Klipsch Forte Is -- titanium midrange diaphragms.  Moray James was absolutely right: they make an enormous difference for the better in the sound.  There is much better separation between instruments and a wider soundstage: there's also a far greater clarity to vocals.  


There are only two things to watch out for when installing these diaphragms.  The first is that you must be careful about getting those big heavy drivers out of the horn slot: there's a small curve atop the left side where you can get them out with relative ease.  The second is that the positive terminal on the titanium diaphragms is wider than the negative: you will need to open up the connector on the crossover wire with needle nose pliers to get it on.  Neither of these are particularly difficult: if a technodunce like me can do it in 20 minutes you probably can do it in 10.  


As an added bonus, the blown channel on my MA6200 turned out to be a dirty speaker relay: I've now run the system through its paces with a playlist that started with Sarah Connelly singing Elgar's "Sea Pictures" and ended with Arvo Part's Lamentate with Amon Tobin, Dire Straits, Shelly Manne & his Men and others thrown in for good measure.  Everything sounds fantastic and I couldn't be happier with this upgrade.  (Now I can't wait to see what they sound like after a few hundred hours of break-in... ).

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My experience, with the amount of time, breaking in my Forte II's upgrade of new Titanium Tweeters & Mids.

Wasn't very long. I noticed the improvement immediately & they seemed to continue to improve. I can't demonstrate the improvement as I did not use any tools to measure the performance.

My improvement is based on mine & my wife's listening experience. We both felt that the sound became even more lifelike and warmer. Both of us can't truly say when the sound reached its full potential. As the experience was very gradual, and best described as reaching the point of warmth, that it was.

Hope our experience is helpful. Do reccomend that you play your favorites daily for a week or two. Serves two purposes, you get to enjoy your collection, plus note change. Lastly will utilize your system, so it can break itself in.

Enjoy yourself, Jeff

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