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Surround back dilemma. Please help with thoughts or advice.


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Hello to all. I am currently finishing up my 7.2 set up with somewhat of a dilemma. I have a pair of RF-7 II's, an RC-64 II, and RP-250s' as surrounds. I have a pair of RB-61 II's that were planned to perform as my surround backs but I am leaning toward another pair of the RP-250s'. Has anyone else achieved this with these 'bipole' like speakers as their rear soundstage and love it? As far as room size, let's say it's on the 'smaller' to 'medium' size. Reason for being vague? Well, my wife and I are currently home shopping. Aesthetically I would prefer the RP-250s' for the matched trapezoidal shaped speaker columns I plan the build. Thanks for the advice and thoughts on this. 

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I did the same thing. even though I haven't really had a chance to use the room much yet . I bought a pair of Rb-61s for back surrounds but instead after listening preferred the RS62II's for back and sides. I think when I get the rear seats in place it will be better too for people sitting closer to the back. Seems to envelope the area much more.

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