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Klipsch XF-48 6-piece Complete Speaker System for sale


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Hello fellow Klipsch audio fanatics!  I have decided to sell my complete 6-piece Klipsch XF-48 home theater system, having upgraded to a pair of Sonus Fabers.  This system has been carefully maintained since original ownership and has never been moved (in same space for entire duration of ownership) and is in excellent condition.  These speakers have served me really well over the past few years and I am confident they will grant their next owners years of audio goodness.  Included are 6 speakers which are detailed as follows:


• Two XF-48 tower speakers 

• One XL-23 LCR center channel speaker 

• Two XB-10 bookshelf surround speakers (stands not included)

• One XW-300d subwoofer


There's a Sound & Vision article written about this set from a few years ago with all detailed specs; link is as follows: http://www.soundandvision.com/content/klipsch-xf-48-speaker-system#D8wEAdoE3Uu4TWZQ.97


I have not seen any available sales for this entire system and based on secondary pricing for individual components, the set should sell for ~$1100-1400.  I am willing to negotiate.  I am based in NYC area so would prefer to sell to someone within a reasonable distance but willing to consider shipping them as well.


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