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Original RF-7's with RC-64 II - Insight on running together


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Hello All,


Wanted to see if anybody is currently running this setup.  I just purchased a pair of RF-7's which I love.  However, they are cherry and it would appear that finding a cherry RC-7 may be a challenge.


Also have been chewing on the idea of buying a cherry RC-64II, but wanted to get some opinions on here first.  Yes - I am aware that your front 3 should always match. I do also know, though, that sometimes a later generation of a speaker is not all that different than its predecessor.


 - Any opinions on what the RF-7's and RC-64 II sound like together?

 - Does anyone happen to know if the cherry veneer on the RC-64 II matches the veneer on the RF-7's?  Hard to tell in photos whether there is a considerable difference in color.


Any insight would be appreciated, thanks!

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my buddy had OG RF7's with OG RC64 and it sounded good. his "upgraded" RC7 pretty much matched the RC64 (although, the RC7 was a touch better).  you will be fine pairing them together, but if you hear issues or when the sound effect scans from L-C-R and it sounds "funny" you can do a matching crossover upgrade to correct it or at least make it unnoticeable. most people can't hear those issues anyway, so unless you are "blessed" with amazing hearing, they will sound the same!

i have no idea if the grains match.  if that's something that will bother you, don't get it because it will drive you nuts! lol!

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