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Dynaco (pair) Mark 3 mono blocks (UN-altered)


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After all these years in storage, it is time to part with a pair of Dynaco Mark 3 amplifiers..    These were part of a lot of FIVE that were all factory built and ink stamped on November 8, 1965 along with an inspection number..   They are one number off from being consecutive pairs, as the two here in my home were built 'in between' on the same date...


These amps were used as a brief experiment in a multi amplification (5 channels) system for a pipe organ back in the day.   They have sat UNTOUCHED since the mid 60ies!


They are complete just as they were built at the Dynaco facility..   This includes ALL ORIGINALLY installed tubes with Dynaco logos and MATCHED PAIRS of Genalex GOLD LION KT-88's !  (they are numbered by the builder with red marker on their tops...)


These are NOT tested, but I can positively confirm that my pair and one single unit (from this quintet) ran flawlessly in the same condition for hours with NO issues after sitting for all those many years!


Asking $1100 for the pair, plus what it would cost to ship.  (approx. 28lbs. ea.)


Here are the photos / captions for you to peruse... 


Overall focus on the amps....Covers%20on%20B_zpsxp9zh8gu.jpg


Covers%20on%20A_zpsudxnz3xn.jpg.Amp 1

Amp%201_zpsdmqf6qo8.jpg.Amp 2Amp%202_zpspb8cdfr4.jpg.Overhead of Amp 1Overhead%201_zpstlifqep8.jpg.Overhead of Amp 2

Overhead%20amp%202_zpsw7ynibcf.jpgPhotos of the front panel...Panel%20amp%202_zpsqkjcjqan.jpgOriginally installed Gold Lions....Gold%20Lion%202_zpsuhdywibh.jpgGold%20Lion%201_zpsvds2sdub.jpg.and lastly, the underside of both amps....Underside_zpseraoab3p.jpg   Many members here on the Klipsch forums know who I am, and that I run my Mark 3's through a lovely pair of 1967 KH's and they truely impart a warm and full sound.


You can PM me for more information.......


Thanks for looking..



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