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Klipsch Tangent T-40

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Just me again, nice Klipsch folks,


So in continuing to look for speakers locally, a set of Tangent T40 have popped up.  A newer design than the Forte I looked at, and designed obviously much differently - two 8" bass drivers, a 12" passive radiators, and a larger horn crossed at 1.8kHz.  50 lbs each, so at least they have some heft.  


My experience with two ways with passive radiators is they almost mimic three-ways, albeit with the active woofers covering the 100Hz-2kHz range, and the passive radiator acting almost like it was crossed over below 100Hz.


Has anyone had experience with this particular series, and how does it compare to a traditional 3-way?  Of note, I found the mids of the Fortes overbearing, but they also covered a lot of the spectrum (up to 7kHz if memory serves correct), which is what likely caused me to find them harsh.


Welcome anyone's opinions and thoughts on this particular model.

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I know this is a late reply, but I have a pair of Tangent 50's that have performed flawlessly for over 3-decades.  Your right that they are a bear to move, but when positioned correctly they rival any three-way solution.  I certainly hope you grabbed those T-40's and still have them.

I hope this helps.

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