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  1. I have had my Tangent 50's since I bought them new in '89. About a year after purchasing them, I found they sound best with a 1' stand. Every 8 years or so, I think maybe I should drop them to the floor and end up raising them onto the stands again after a week. They just seem to have a more crisp bass sound on the stands. I push them with a Pioneer VSX-03TXH and it seems to do a fine job. Anyway, for the past few years, I have been using a powered Klipsch Sub-12 and am wondering if anyone has an opinion on a better sub match for the T50 speakers? Any help is appreciated. Alwezhpy
  2. I know this is a late reply, but I have a pair of Tangent 50's that have performed flawlessly for over 3-decades. Your right that they are a bear to move, but when positioned correctly they rival any three-way solution. I certainly hope you grabbed those T-40's and still have them. I hope this helps.
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