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Denon AVR-X3300W for RF7's


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Hey guys,


My Pioneer Elite VSX receiver just died with the dreaded UE22 error.  Thinking about buying the Denon AVR-X3300W receiver for 600 bucks.


Im currently using

2x RF7 towers

1x RC7 center

2x RS25 surrounds

2x RSW12 subwoofers (maybe just one in the future).


Thinking I can bi-amp the front towers if needed.  What do you guys think of this pairing and the receiver in general?  

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If the Denon 3300 has the features you are looking for and the price, then go for it.


7 hours ago, Cirdecus said:

Thinking I can bi-amp the front towers if needed.

IMO, not much or any benefit with this.  


If were me, I would add this and you know you would have the power thing covered.








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Thank you for the amp suggestion!  Yeah the receiver does have most of the feature's I'll use.  I wanted a pre-amp out in case an amplifier was needed.  I haven't owned speakers this powerful before and at 250 watts RMS, I really wasn't sure if i could find an amp to power them appropriately at a reasonable price.  I honestly have zero experience with separate amps.

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