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Recommendation for Front Wall

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Hi there

I'm hoping to replace my current speakers with Klipsch inwall stuff.

I already have R-1650C for Surround and Atmos, so need recommendations for the front wall speakers .i.e Sub, Left,Right, and Centre.


I was thinking possible a R-5502-W for Centre and pair with 2 x R-3650-W for left and right.

For Sub, RW-5802.



Do I need another sub or will one be ok for this listening area?

Are these speakers well matched?



See image for existing speaker locations and approx room size.

Thanks for your help :)


p.s due to other room items(fireplace/bookshelf, wife), this setup is reasonably well fixed in its current layout


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I'm unclear looking at the picture if this is an accurate representation of the room?  I'm curious how you have in wall surrounds but sit so far to the left side, where are the in wall surrounds for the right side of the room?


If the diagram is roughly accurate, then the true concern of this room will be that by sitting close to the left wall, the sound with all things being equal would be much louder on the left and would have higher distortion.  This can be easily resolved with calibration of the system (levels, distance) combined with some treatment on that left wall.


Subs have the same issue, the key will be to make it so that the right side of the seating area sounds roughly the same as the left.  In order to do this, placement of the sub or subs will be critical.  Generally speaking, 2 subs is better than 1 for better balance across multiple seats, but I am guessing one sub will do just fine if that's your setup.


The key is where it needs to be placed, again...fill in some more details about where the speakers are in the room, but if as pictured (somehow, I don't get the inwall surround positions)....the sub will almost for sure need to be placed somewhere on the right side of the room.  The corners on the left side will build up bass big time, especially that front left corner, so the goal will be to balance it by placing the sub most likely on the right, where at a certain position, the SPL of the sub will be identical on the right side of your seating area, and the left....that front left corner will build up bass big time, so the further the sub is moved to the right, the more it will balance.  

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Thanks for the reply.


On 8/29/2017 at 6:23 PM, manjina said:

I already have R-1650C for Surround and Atmos


C stands for Ceiling. They are not in wall.


And yes, the room does look odd, but as mentioned, it is fixed in this location (fireplace/windows/bookshelf/wife etc are all limiting the setup to its current location)


I will try and stretch budget to 2 subs, but my main concern is the speaker selection for the fronts/centre. Any comments on my proposed choises?

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there is no shame in a 3.1.  just because you "can" put more speakers, doesn't mean you get true surround sound.  making that pure bubble of sound is very hard to do.  yes, installing speakers will create noise, but a true effect.  if anything, move the 2 rear speakers as far back as you can and stick with a 5.1.  the 2 sides are just too close.. you want those sides to around 5-6ft away (to give that true sound).

we all understand WAF, so there is no issue with room placement.  everything is a compromise.


yes, you should be concerned the RW-5802 only goes down to 45hz.  find something that goes down to 18hz.  for WAF factor, a Sunfire True 12" sub is unbeatable.  it's only 13" cubed but goes down to 16hz (i think). try and find the "Bob Carver Signature" model.  it's a very specific mode and has a different amp than the standard 12" model.  they don't make them, but you can find them used for pretty cheap.  that sub is great for music as well HT. 

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Agree the sub is not doing much. Definitely need a floor model.


The key in your room isnt the equipment its treating the left wall.  Without that no equipment will sound good.

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